Birmingham Photography Festival incorporates an annual festival, smaller events throughout the year, and a monthly newsletter. The monthly newsletter, IN FOCUS, contains information about BPF events as well as other photography-related news, competition, exhibitions, events and more that is related to Birmingham and the West Midlands.

All activities aim to inspire and educate the Birmingham photography community, regardless of skill level or the equipment they use.

The 2018 Birmingham Photography Festival took place on Saturday 20th October at the Birmingham & Midland Institute in the city centre.  The event incorporated a number of speakers, a panel discussion, a pin up gallery and a competition. As well as the pin up gallery and competition, attendee participation was a key feature as there was time for attendees to put questions to each speaker, there was a Pecha Kucha style session that attendees were invited to participate in, and there was the opportunity for everyone to get together over a drink after the programme at the BMI ended.

Future events will be announced on the website, our social media channels and via our newsletter.


The organisers have been involved in photography in Birmingham for five years as the team behind IGers Birmingham. Fraser McGee, Beth Astington and Martin O’Callaghan have championed both amateur and professional photography in the city through sharing images, organising events and workshops for photographers, and creating a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for photography.

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