Five reasons to attend

With just 18 days until the 2018 Birmingham Photography Festival, we’ve looked at the top five reasons to get excited about the event.

  1. Want to learn about photography and be inspired? Look no further

First things first – most people’s top reason to attend the Birmingham Photography Festival is to learn and be inspired by the speakers. The four guest speakers and four panellists won’t just tell you about what they do and what they have achieved – they will inspire you with the finer points of their approach and technique, the way in which they have honed their craft, their biggest successes, in addition to what they have learnt along the way from their mistakes. From looking at the community submissions, that session is also looking pretty exciting and insightful too!

  1. You’re going to get great opportunities to ask questions

It can be hard plucking up the courage to ask someone a question about their work, especially if it’s someone well-known and you only have their social media or email details. But at the BPF the speakers are not only expecting to be asked questions, but are 100% WANTING you to ask. There’s time built in to each session specifically for audience questions, and if you’re too shy, the BPF organisers will ask on your behalf.

  1. You’ll meet other people who share your passion.

Unless you’re in a camera club or similar, photography can often be a bit of a solo endeavor or conversations are limited to on-line chats. One of the best things about the BPF is that it’s going to be a great opportunity to talk about photography (perhaps even make a friend or two), after all there are going to be at least 200 people in the same room who all share a common interest and passion! There will be a mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon break, as well as the post-festival drinks, so plenty of time for chatting, which doesn’t have to be about photography of course!

(Shy? Don’t worry, there’s no “fun” ice-breakers or enforced activities where you have to talk to anyone, so it’s OK if the idea of being made to do that fills you with dread.)

Birmingham Skyline reservoir sun lowdsc_6408

  1. It’s a chance to get inspired by your peers – or be the one inspiring them

Show off your work and see the work of others in our pin up session. It’s simple – you select your best work, print it and bring it with you on the day. Your photo can be of anything, but it can’t be framed or larger than A4. We’ll attach a label and then add it to our pin up gallery of attendees’ work. You’ll be able to take a look at the gallery and discuss people’s work during the breaks. There’s also the chance to be inspired by your peers / be the one inspiring them in the Pecha Kucha style session.

  1. It’s going to be an awesome day

Even if we do say so ourselves, we’re pretty sure that the combination of the four previously mentioned reasons is going to result in a pretty awesome day. It’s going to be a real celebration of photography and genuinely have something for everyone. As well as what we have already announced, there’s a wonderful competition open to all who will be attending – details regarding this will be released closer to the event.

So, if you haven’t already, get your tickets now

By Beth Astington, Birmingham Photography Festival Organiser

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